With almost 150km of bike paths, the island is welcoming an ever-increasing number of cyclists who want to discover its magical places.

Bikes: a symbol of freedom

Bikes, the emblematic means of transport on the island and synonymous with freedom, allow you to lose yourself in the small paths and make a stop whenever you feel like it.

Alone or with your family, you can discover exceptional places all around the island that can sometimes only be reached by bike…

Cycland shops all over the island

Sainte-Marie La Noue, La Flotte, Saint-Martin, La Couarde, Le Bois-Plage, Ars, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines and Les Portes… No matter in which agency of the network you rented your bike, you can go to the others if necessary. So, ride serenely!
Useful information, good advice, suggestions for rides, recommendations depending on what you are looking for… the Cycland teams will be delighted to guide you in discovering the island.

The cycling network

The cycling network on the Isle of Ré stretches from east to west and from north to south. It allows you to roam the island and even discover its most remote corners

–tiny paradises, really. Its great network of bike paths offers a magnificent view on nature and a privileged experience, in a peaceful way.

Discover the charming villages of the island, ride through the marshes or along the coast, find yourself in Saint-Martin’s harbour or in the Henri IV’s forest, stop for a picnic on the beach of La Patache…

To put it in a nutshell, plunge into this cycling paradise.


To help you prepare your rides, we offer maps of the paths and maps of the island in all our Cycland shops.
Plan your trip thanks to the itineraries recommended by our teams. Enjoy the treasures the island has to offer… Some of which can only be reached by bike: another good reason to go riding!